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P & P Coco Lanka (PVT ) LTD
Cocolankan.com is the official website of the P & P Coco Lanka (PVT ) LTD which is one of the few best company importers and exporters of coconut fiber. Cocopeat We provide high quality, with a very good price for large quantities,

Competitive Price

We are always committed to give our clients really good price for them to succeed in their business
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We as a manufacture got the ability to customize the product to meet your requirement exactly
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High Quality

We have been in this business for many years as a manufacturer and exporter, we know how much quality matters
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The P & P Cocolankan PVT LTD born from the collaboration of Taurus International PVT LTD company leader in the production of products derived from coconut and Pinetti irrigation system with over 50 years of experience in the irrigation sector, for more than 15 years it has acquired experience in the field of crops out in soil, succeeded in identifying the right mixture to obtain a coconut fiber of high-efficiency plants, in order to promote the products Coccopin throughout the world. Pinetti Irrigation System engages tirelessly to deliver the highest quality, competitive prices and flexibility regarding the customer's specific requirements. At the same time, it is important to note that we work with the major exporters Cocopeat in the world in their subcontracting for the production of Cocopeat and coir products.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time . AND 'guaranteed that it will be a beginning of a great business.


We are always committed to give our customers a very affordable price for them to have success in their business and we have been really good to offer our customers a good price and a high quality of coconut fiber. To give a good quality to our customers we directly the fiber from production to packing with strict controls because for us it is important to offer fiber only of the highest quality. Our organizational structure includes a staff of professional technicians in irrigation and fertigation, of Doctors Agronomists with twenty years of experience for the cultures in outside suolo.investiamo very on research with experimental fields because our goal is not only sell but give a service.

We have many years of experience to export to many countries that require high standards of quality. We are in the business of coconut fiber for many years, we know very well that some countries require high standards of quality, we have a vast experience in successfully meet the quality requirements of these countries. We never had doubts about the quality of our products,

we offer Cocopeat with the right quality to meet exactly your needs. We are able to customize the product and its quality, the packaging and quantity to meet exactly your needs. You may need different sizes, different packaging quality, we are ready to do it for you. We are pleased you to know that we get subcontracts for the production of Cocopeat products for the major exporters in Cocopeat sector, we offer them a highly personalized service with the manufacturing of products, because they require to make labelling and custom packaging, this is another good reason why you can enter our business if you are looking for such production or custom service. We have huge stocks of raw materials to meet your needs at any time and we are able to satisfy both large amounts that small amounts..


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